The Aeneid for Naxos
The Aeneid for Naxos AudioBooks.

Produced by Alec Reid, recorded at Phase Shift in Bristol by Ken Barton.
Read by me.

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February 2014

The Sixth Man and Other Stories,
and Undercover are three police adventures by the prolific Bill James, which I've recently recorded as audiobooks for Chatterbox.

The main characters in each are a perfect pair: Desmond Iles is a verbose and paranoid Assistant Chief Constable and DCS Colin Harpur is his laid-back partner in crime(mostly drugs)-busting. The startling but all-too-convincing stories are told with a rich helping of dark comedy mixed with humanity and sad compassion; the characters are vivid and various - from Harpur's observant teenage daughters to drugs gangsters and bosses drawn from every class of 21st century English society.

In Undercover a policeman lives a double life of hideous danger, 'embedded' in a drugs gang. It destroys him and his family; ACC Iles, at times a comic figure, is here a sincere and passionate opponent of these methods.

Bill James' characters are never stereotypes, but real, rounded, contradictory people in a confusing up-to-date world. Gripping stuff.