Global Warming

This is an exact record. Much snow had fallen, but the Welsh farmer and his tractor were not deterred. The cows needed them and that was it and all about it.

A farmer drove a small red tractor
Down the lane towards me
As I walked to the corner
Still packed high with a week’s snow.

I thought he would pass me by
Not out of surly manners
But he was working and I
Was just another animal.

But he stopped the tractor and looked at me
And spoke. Not understanding what he said
I stared like one of his cows.
He spoke again and then I understood

"Nice day," he said with patient clarity
I was shocked by his courtesy
"Yes," I replied. "So where’s this global
Warming then?
" He asked.

It took me a moment to recall
How strangely deep we were in snow
That seemed to have claimed the farms and hills
And woodlands never to let them go.

"It’s all bull if you ask me," he said
At least I’d swear that was what he said
Letting his clutch in and rolling off
Down the hill to the waiting herd.

For the community at Tymawr Convent
© David Collins, Tymawr, 17th February 2009