Leopards And Porpoises

Don't ask me what these are about! But I can tell you Porpoises was written after being overtaken by a car going much, much too fast.


We walk on custard by the bouncing moon
Three leopards laugh and wave their white-gloved paws
Beneath the archway to the buttocks of the sun
First left and left again they call
All right I said and as I left the third
Leopard followed, kissing my sequin tail
And blessed my blossom head
With waterfalls of diamonds.

Almighty mother of the sons of mint
Bread source and root of arrow flight
Breathe your fanfare in the storm of brain and
Always dance within the call of light
Leaving no print but shadows.

The Porpoise

A crimson porpoise fast me on the mortalway
Slinging the day towards the bulgy shrouds,
Tomorrow gaping for his station,
In other worlds attending on the blend
His blobbable demise.

I don’t think he did it on porpoise
He just got carried away

Both poems © David Collins May 2005