His Voice Was

For Carleton Hobbs, actor, June 18th 1898 to July 31st 1978.

Carleton Hobbs (BBC)

His voice was mercury, moonlight, a classical
String band, the silver beard of an emperor
Newly trimmed. The gentleman’s suiting,
Suiting his radiant urbanity
By time and tears undimmed, clothed him
In mystery. He endeared himself to the ladies
Who encouraged him to leave us younger men
Behind in his rippling wake. He was wit
And sanity, matured like a russet malt. He was crisp,
With a touch of pepper and salt. No one
Could imitate his acting. It seemed to grow
As a tree grows, in a state of grace; it seemed
As though his heart spoke every line
To his attentive mind, and so to us.
He earned respect and love. We learned.

© David Collins January 16th 2013